Be safe.
Be seen.

invisible light-reflective spray to keep you visible in all conditions.


Non-Permanent and Animal sprays are transparent on application. Look safe only when it matters.


Depending on how porous the material is and extremities of use, the spray can last months on end.


Besides Permanent, our products are washable with ease. Just apply water and scrub.

Earth Friendly.

Aerosols get a bad rap, but today, aerosols are some of the most advanced household goods on the market. We here at Albedo are using the best of the best.


Just about all reflective gear is restraining in one way or another. But with Albedo100 Reflective spray you will forget you are wearing anything at all.

Water Resistant.

Although the reflective spray is washable, it is going to take more than a rain storm to wash it away. Nice try though.

The Problem


Number of pedestrians & cyclist
injuries in the USA every year.

90 min

Time it has been since the last
fatality, or until the next.


Number of pedestrians & cyclist
fatalities in the USA every year.


Average age of pedestrians hit and killed
on our roadways in the last decade.

3.5 min

Duration between injuries year
round in the United States.


The proportion of these fatalities & injuries
that happen during low-visibility hours.

*National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, data provided taken
as averages from 2002-2011. “Low-visibility hours“ is 4pm – 8am.”


  • 80 ft
wearing dark clothing
  • 200 ft
wearing light clothing
  • 500 + ft
wearing reflective spray